Privacy Policy


This policy is version 1.0 and is effective as of 1 October, 2014. This privacy policy can be found at

SketchKey is a custom keyboard for the iPhone, iPad and iPod developed by Francis Hart. This document outlines the privacy policy about the data you generate and how it is handled. Your data is important and private, which is why it is an important issue to disclose and explain. Your privacy is taken very seriously.

Information Collected by SketchKey

No identifiable or non-identifiable information is ever collected, stored or transmitted to SketchKey or any SketchKey servers. SketchKey is simply a drawing keyboard. Your drawings and sketches are stored locally on your device and are never transmitted without your consent. You as the user are able to use your drawings in any way you see fit such as sending via messaging services or uploading to other web services by copying to your device’s clipboard or saving to your Photos library.

Crash logs are handled automatically by Apple and are sent to the developer. These crash logs are not personally identifiable and are used solely for maintenance, bug fixing and improvements.

No analytics are taken from using this app. SketchKey does not monitor your usage or anything about how you interact with the SketchKey Keyboard or the SketchKey App. If you would like to tell us how your experience with SketchKey could improve then please contact us! We love to hear from our users and discuss your views.

We do not collect any contact information or location information. Nothing!

Data Storage

The data (drawings) that you generate are stored on your device locally.

How SketchKey uses your information

As no information about you is collected, we can not therefore use any information!

Allow Full Access (Third Party Keyboard Warnings)

When you install SketchKey and configure as instructed you are requested to turn on “Allow Full Access” for SketchKey to work as intended.

This access is needed ONLY to allow placing your data (drawings) on to the clipboard when pressing “Send” and to store your drawings on your device locally in a container shared with the SketchKey App.

No sensitive information is tracked or transmitted. Drawings are only stored locally on your device. None of your interaction with the SketchKey Keyboard or SketchKey app is analysed or measured in any way for data collection purposes.

Children Privacy

No data is collected about any children’s usage of SketchKey Keyboard and SketchKey App in any way.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may change from time to time. Your continued use of the SketchKey Keyboard and SketchKey App will mean you accept these changes. Any changes made to this Privacy Policy will be clearly outlined. Notifications will be posted on the website and any other forms of communication that is relevant when any changes to this policy is made.

Third Parties

As we do not collect your information, we therefore do not and can not sell information to any third parties or advertisers.

Use of the SketchKey website (

Like millions of other websites, uses Google Analytics to collect information about visitors to the website. You can see the data collected by Google Analytics by visiting the Google Analytics website (

This information is used to understand SketchKey’s demographic, where traffic is coming from and to compile statistics such as number of visitors at a certain time or over a certain period. None of the information is ever used to make you personally identifiable.

If you would like to opt out of Google Analytics you can install the Add-on developed by Google: or use a service such as Disconnect (

Contact Information

If you have any concerns or questions about this policy or anything at all, please send an email to:

When contacting us, we do not add you to any newsletters or customer lists and will not contact you unless you have contacted us and require a response.

In the event you use Twitter to tweet us (or email) a message or a picture drawn by you then your message, username and picture will not be stored in any database of SketchKey. If the drawing you tweeted (or emailed) SketchKey is amazing, you may be contacted to ask for permission to use your image in marketing material such as screenshots, in a video or picture, on the website or other uses. Only with your permission will your drawing be used in such a way, and credit will be given where possible (most likely via a credits page on the SketchKey website) unless you specifically request to stay anonymous.

Thank you for taking the time to read this policy and I hope you enjoy using SketchKey.