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Hello, Press!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to check out SketchKey, we are extremely excited that you have dropped by our press section and we hope that you can find what you need here!

Below you will find resources, links and information that you may find useful, however please don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything else.


Facts and Information

Application Name SketchKey (SketchKey Keyboard)
Price £0.69 / 0.99$
Platforms iOS 9+
Availability Out now on the App Store
Requirements Any Apple device supporting iOS 9 and above.
Size 5.1MB (iOS)
Current Version 1.2.0 iOS
Next Version 1.3.0 (Currently Under Testing and Feedback)

Feature List

Drawing Canvas Draw and sketch in any app, from quick scribbled notes to time consuming masterpieces!
Photo Import (New for 1.2) Import photos into your canvas and draw diredtly on them!
Tools Change brush size, colour and opacity to create the perfect drawing!
Recents Your personal gallery. The only drawing keyboard to keep your drawings incase you need them again! Copy, Save and Delete drawings from your gallery.
Undo Undo those little mistakes and get back on track to finishing the perfect drawing.
Sending You can use your drawings in any app that supports the sending of images, either via pasting or by saving to your gallery and then uploading.
Standard Keyboard A clean, simple keyboard.
Fully Private No data is collected from your keystrokes or brush strokes. No analysis is ran either. Not even a network connection is made! Your use of this keyboard is private, and will be forever.

Developer's Notes

We love SketchKey and have had a lot of fun developing, testing and using the keyboard. Development and improvements is ongoing and we have very cool features in the pipeline, both being tested and conceptualised. However, we also encourage our users to contact us and let us know that they want (bonus points for drawing what they want)!

The sketches we have seen created in the early testing phase were amazing. So much so that we have dedicated our Twitter and marketing campaign to creating and showing off what you can make. Our videos reflect our views on SketchKey and hopefully show the fun but also useful side that this keyboard has.

Version 1.2.0 is currently being tested and gathering feedback. We cant wait to show the world what is next in SketchKey's history! To mark it's release we are aiming to release a second video showcasing the main feature of the update and the gallery feature of Version 1.1.0 that we love. Plans for a even bigger update is in the works, but this is top secret!

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