Frequently Asked Questions

Downloading and Installation

Where can I download the SketchKey Keyboard?

The SketchKey Keyboard can be downloaded from the Apple App Store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 8 or later.

How do I install SketchKey on my device?

The main SketchKey app can be found on your home screen and contains instructions on the installation and use of the keyboard, below is a quick list of steps to get it working otherwise.

Settings App > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > SketchKey > SketchKey Keyboard - SketchKey > Allow Full Access ON

Drawing, Sketching and Sending

How do I send my masterpiece?

Once you have finished drawing, press the "Send" button at the bottom right of the tool bar. You should now be able to paste the drawing into your chosen app by tapping on the input area and pressing paste.

For apps such as Facebook Messenger, you will need to save the image to your photo album and upload the normal way you send images. To do this, press send, then find your image in recents, tap the image and press save. Now you can send it as a normal image.

Unfortunately, there is no easier way to send images due to the limitations with the iOS system. However, as soon as this improves there will be an update to take full advantage of it!

Personal Gallery (Recents)

What is the Recents tab?

The recents tab shows the images you have sent with the SketchKey Keyboard, you can browse through the list and by tapping on one of the images you can choose to Copy to Clipboard, Save to Photos or Delete from the gallery.

Other Questions

Will this keyboard be updated frequently and will the updates be free?

Yes and yes! The next version is already undergoing testing whilst development has already started on the further away versions. We can't tell you what the features are just yet, but all we can say is that they are really fun ;)

Simply update the keyboard when a new update is released via the App Store, no need to purchase another version.