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Introducing SketchKey Keyboard

Make your messages personal

You've sent text messages, ASCII smileys :) and Emojis . Now it's time for pictures! Draw that happy birthday message, sketch that idea, play guess the picture or just send a silly drawing!

You have control

Change your brush size, opacity and colour to create the masterpiece that you know you can create.

Your personal gallery

All of your drawings are saved in your very own gallery. Resend your favourite drawings, save to your photo album or delete previous drawings.

With you in your favorite apps

SketchKey works in any app that supports sending or using images. Either paste the image into the message box or upload from your gallery after saving.

On all of your iOS 8 devices

Buy once, use on all. SketchKey is universal, download and use it on your iPhone and iPad.

Intuitive, fast and private

SketchKey is easy to use. Everything is at your fingertips with the toolbar, your canvas, your tools and your previous drawings. Your data is never collected or analysed, it is all kept private.

Need to contact us?

Please visit the FAQ at or drop us an email! Suggest changes, ask for help or show us a cool picture!

A note on "Allow Full Access"

We realise a number of you are worried about the allow full access setting that is needed for the keyboard to work. Don't worry! This is only to allow items to be added to the pasteboard for you to paste, for you to save to the gallery and your photos!

We do not collect, analyse or transmit any of your data. No network connections are even made in the app or keyboard at all!

Please read our Privacy Policy or contact us if you would like more information!

Download on the App Store
Universal for iPhone and iPad, iOS 9+ £0.69/0.99$

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